Round 7 vs Old Trinity

Round 6 – Honours Even at the Main
The Premier Competitions’ first draw of the season was played out at the Uni Main on Saturday as the Blues had to score a last minute goal to gain a share the points after leading for most of the match.
In other matches, the Blues Two’s put in their best performance of the year with a convincing victory over Old Trinity, the Thirds came home strong but ultimately came up short against St. Kevins and the Unders dropped their second in a row after a strong start against Old Carey.

University Blues 2.5-17 4.8-32 10.14-74 12.17-89
Old Trinity Grammarians 2.4-16 4.5-29 7.5-47 13.11-89

Goal Kickers: D. Batarilo 2, K. Harper 2, T. Harper 2, R. Young 2, J. Carr, A. Cordy, T. Batarilo, M. James
Best Players: J. Taylor, C. Williams, R. Eade, R. Young, T. Batarilo, M. James
Ladder results do not really matter when the Blues face Old Trinity and a healthy and respectful rivalry has developed over the years. The Blues started with the breeze heading to the “left of screen” and could not gain an advantage early. The match was played at a high pace and sustained defensive pressure from both sides meant free flowing football was a while away. The Blues went in with a 1 point lead at the break, however one felt they had the better of the last few minutes of the term
This trend carried into the 2nd term as the Blues had the better of the early play. With Young and Eade working hard in the middle, the game beginning to open up. The Blues had a number of missed shots before the brothers Batarilo hit the scoreboard with snapped majors. Both sides went a man down in a very physical battle and some late goals to Old Trinity left the Blues with a 3 point lead at the main break.
With the wind at their back the Blues came our hard in the 3rd. Goals to Harper “K” and Young pushed the lead out and it was over 20 points after a Harper “K” long bomb. However, with niggle creeping into the game the Blues gave up some easy return goals through fee kicks and downfield judgements.
With Cam Williams plucking them like it was 2014, the Blues continued to push hard and goals in time on to Cordy and Young gave the Blues a near 5 goal lead on the siren. However, with 6-6 kicked for the term it was arguable the lead should have been more than 27 points.
As per the last few weeks, the opposition goaled early in the last term to put the Blues on the back foot with the wind in their face. Old Trinity moved the ball well with their midfield gaining the ascendency and the Blues seemed to give the ball back a bit easily across HF.
A goal midterm to Harper “T” stemmed the tide however with 2 minutes left on the clock Old Trinity drew level. Another goal to Old Trinity seemed to seal the game as they took the lead for the first time since the first term. The Blues came again with some slick ball movement and a mark and 25 metre penalty to Marc James gave the Blues a chance to draw level again. The kick was true and neither side had another chance to break the final deadlock.
Many will feel the Blues let this one slip, however there are two sides in any draw Old Trinity will probably feel the same after hitting the lead late in the match.
2 points gained could prove vital as the season progresses however the Blues need to take their chances and get a win when St Bedes come to the Uni this Saturday.

University Blues 6.1-37 9.5-59 10.12-72 15.16-106
Old Trinity Grammarians 1.0-6 1.0-6 1.1-7 2.2-14

Goal Kickers: D. Barton 3, M. Blair 2, J. Mugavin 2, B. Barton 2, T. Hotchin, T. Loone, C. Hitchen, S. Hodge, T. Carr, A. Milham
Best Players: M. Hart, H. Vickers-Willis, S. Hodge, A. Milham, D. Cumming, A. Binns

University Blues 0.1-1 0.2-2 4.4-28 8.5-53
St Kevins OB Green 2.1-13 5.5-35 9.7-61 10.7-67

Goal Kickers: T. Cottrell 2, J. Bleicher, A. Jones, T. Auld, C. Curran, L. Nunn, T. Brotchie
Best Players: C. Curran, C. Gill, N. Hucker, H. Melville, J. Crawford, A. Jones

University Blues 4.2-26 4.5-29 5.8-38 7.13-55
Old Carey 1.7-13 5.14-44 7.18-60 12.20-92

Goal Kickers: T. Baker 2, S. Hanlon 2, L. Holden, L. Chalmers, C. King
Best Players: C. King, E. Johnstone, J. Humphrey, L. Holden, S. Wylie, J. Crawford

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