Service Awards

Chris Brown Award
(Best Clubman Award)
Ted McNamara Award
(Best Team Man Award)
1979 Michael Bourke
1980 Peter Schauble
1981 Alan Salter
1982 Ted Cotsworth
1983 Wayne  Carroll
1984 Ted & Norma McNamara
1985 Frank Henegan
1986 Michael Hickey
1987 Denny Karamoshos
1988 Anthony Schlicht
1989 Michael Robin
1990 L. Galli
1991 Sid  Myers
1992 D. Lanyon
1993 Steve Carroll
1994 Grant Williams
1995 P. Stephens, D. Evans
1996 Bob Girdwood
1997 David Buckley
1998 Jim Gilchrist
1999 Barry Neivandt
2000 Warwick Hutchins
2001 Tony McInerney
2002 Michael Thomas
2003 Damien McAloon,
Ray Scanlan
2004 Michael Thomas Tom Hutchins
2005 Tom Hutchins Joseph Sturrock
2006 Tom Wilcox Luke North
2007 George de Crespigny, Bernie Angel Quinton Gleson
2008 Gerry Westmore Tim McKinnon
2009 John Carmody Tom Granleese
2010 Karin & Tony Heinz Matthew Torney
2011 David Phefley Liam Ryan
2012 Justin Quill Tom Girdwood
2013 Tony Simmons Chris Pyke
2014 Matt & Emily Torney Will Hartnell
2015 David Phefley Hugh Vickers-Willis
2016 Jeff Scotland Jamie Mugavin
2017 Tim Rourke Jeremy Taylor
2018 Pete Summers Damien Barton
2019 Peter Brukner Connor Lappin
2020 No Contest No Contest
2021 Jim Hayes Andy Batarilo
2022 Andrew Lowcock Meyrick Buchanan
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