Blues Twos

Year Captain Best & Fairest
1965 I.R. Parker J.H. Hyland
1966 Bruce. Crossley C.M. Keeshan
1967 Bruce. Crossley Barry Lay
1968 Bruce Crossley W.G. Andrews, D.G. Williamson
1969 D.G. Williamson Graham Templar
1970 David Rutherford Kel Rogash
1971 Ernie McArthur Graham Templar
1972 Barry Brockley Robert David
1973 L.eon Moran Mark Radford
1974 Bruno Scarcella Leon Moran
1975 Bruno Scarcella Mark Radford
1976 Bruno Scarcella Glenn Anderson
1977 Peter Brukner Lawrie McGee
1978 Jack Hamilton Gerry Westmore
1979 Gerry Westmore Ross Patterson
1980 Geoff Ellison Richard Russell
1981 Michael Bourke Anthony Fowler
1982 Phil Hill Chris. Miller
1983 Roger Collins Gerry Westmore
1984 Gerry Westmore Peter Cooke
1985 Matt Wilson Angus Mitchell
1986 Shane Rothe Mick Hickey
1987 Mick Hickey Mick Hickey
1988 Richard Robinson Mick Hickey
1989 Mick Hickey Andrew Kennedy
1990 Mick Hickey Mick Hickey
1991   Steve Dobson
1992   John Dawson, Tim Jackson
1993   Geoff Markley
1994 Jimmy Norman Jonathan Hutchins
1995 Jimmy Norman Dom Bolton
1996 Jimmy Norman, Paul Stephens John Garnaut
1997 Damien McAloon Darrell Gust
1998 Damien McAloon Gavin Evans
1999 Lee Tweedle Hugh Nailon
2000 Michael Thomas A. Brown
2001 Michael Thomas Damien McAloon
2002 Michael Thomas Michael Thomas
2003 Damien McAloon Michael Thomas
2004 Tom Hutchins R.S. Martin
2005 Tom Hutchins Dirk Heinz
2006   Chris Baumgartner
2007   Martin Kelly
2008 Andrew Henderson Evan Wilkinson
2009 Alex Suvoltos Ben Millard/Isaac Orr
2010 Al Lyon James Van de Pol
2011 Ben Millard, Al Lyon Ben Millard
2012 Ben Millard David Withers
2013 Ben Millard Tom Girdwood
2014 Tom Girdwood Tom Girdwood
2015 Tom Girdwood Tom Girdwood
2016 Tom Girdwood Dirk Heinz
2017 Tom Girdwood/Ed Ratcliffe Tim Carr, Louis Wardle
2018 Tom Girdwood Sean Carr
2019 Damien Barton, Jamie Mugavin Kirk Mahon
2020 No Contest No Contest
2021 Andy Batarilo; Jamie Mugavin Scott Wylie
2022 David Morgan James Curran


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