Round 6 Vs Old Scotch – Match Report

Round 5 – Blues Outlast the Cardinals
A triple header at the Camberwell Sports Ground saw the Blues come away with 2 wins on Saturday. The Seniors were made to earn every one of the 4 points in a fierce contest and the Blues Two’s outlasted the Scotchies after skipping away early. The Thirds didn’t make use of the strong early breeze however were competitive throughout.
Down at Mentone the Unders were on fire early however they were run over in a very high standard match.  Tom Baker played another blinder, kicking 5 in an outstanding performance.

Old Scotch 1.2-8 7.7-49 7.11-53 10.15-75
University Blues 6.6-42 8.6-54 11.9-75 13.12-90

Goal Kickers: T. Harper 3, T. Quinn 2, K. Harper 2, D. Batarilo, C. Williams, R. Eade, A. Cordy, T. Geappen, R. Young
Best Players: R. Eade, C. Lappin, C. Williams, J. Taylor, D. Batarilo, R. Young
No one was under any illusion about the challenge that presented itself on Saturday. The Blues ventured to Camberwell, a venue a number of the players hadn’t seen before against an opposition that would have fancied their chances.
The Blues won the toss and kicked to the Grandstand end with a 4-5 goal wind at their backs. They started with confidence, dominated possession and looked threatening throughout the term. The cracks in the Scotch defence started to present late with Harper “K” nailing a left foot special and #TQ5 registering with a long bomb. It was the sort of term we know the Blues are capable of and to be fair, Scotch were lucky to still be in the game with 12 scoring shots to 3 the output.
Old Scotch are yet to record a win in Premier this year but all know about the high level of their competitiveness in all their matches. Early goals saw the contest raise a notch and despite heavy attention, Ryan Eade and Dan Batarilo were in the thick of it per usual. Eade in particular kept feeding his outside players (he is allowed to get a free kick by the way).
The Blues defence led by Jez Taylor continued to repel the advances and late in the term held a comfortable 4 goal buffer. However, all that changed in red time as Scotch got on a roll with long bombs landing from everywhere. The match had turned with the margin less than a straight kick and the siren couldn’t come soon enough.
The Blues drew breath in the break and came out again with the wind at their back. The intensity of the contest on the small ground remained with Scotch defending in numbers and both sides hitting in hard. The Blues struggled to break down the Scotch defence but a Harper “K” long bomb and a Harper “T” snap pushed the lead outside 20 points. Despite the domination of possession and keeping the home team goalless for the term, the lead was inside 4 goals at ¾ time and Blues supporters nerves were on edge considering the recent close losses and strength of the breeze.
Nerves didn’t get any better with an early goal to Scotch getting the vocal home ground up and about. The midfield led by Williams and Young continued to drive the ball forward but things weren’t happening for the Blues across HF and it was quickly going back the other way.
Consecutive Goals to Scotch bought them to within 3 points at the 22 minute mark and it was all hands on deck with Lappin demonstrating why he is one of the premier defenders in the VAFA. With time running out and with the defence under pressure, an elite kick from “Rippon to Young to Swoop to T Harper” proved the difference. Tim stayed cool under pressure, nailed the set shot into the wind and then added another moments later to seal a 15 point win.
Not many Blues teams have enjoyed the drive back across the river from Camberwell with the win and this version can be well pleased of their fighting efforts. Time to string a few results together with top 4 team Old Trinity visiting the Uni next week. See you there.

Old Scotch 1.1-7 2.5-17 4.5-29 8.7-55
University Blues 4.5-29 7.6-48 8.9-57 9.11-65

Goal Kickers: S. Hodge 2, B. Barton 2, J. Wood, M. Eade, T. Carr, J. Mugavin, D. Barton
Best Players: B. Barton, S. Hodge, T. Carr, T. Loone, S. Carr, M. Eade

Old Scotch 2.2-14 6.7-43 9.9-63 12.16-88
University Blues 2.1-13 3.2-20 6.3-39 7.3-45

Goal Kickers: A. Jones 3, W. Clerk, W. Foster, C. Hitchen, D. Lindsey
Best Players: A. Jones, W. Foster, R. Walker, D. Lindsey, J. Hinkley, S. Sapsford

St Bedes / Mentone Tigers 0.3-3 3.10-28 5.12-42 12.19-91
University Blues 4.4-28 6.5-41 10.6-66 12.6-78

Goal Kickers: T. Baker 5, N. Lanyon 3, L. Holden, M. Scales, S. Allen, N. Hucker
Best Players: J. Humphrey, J. Crawford, J. Halloran, T. Baker, S. Allen, L. Holden

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