Round 5 vs. Old Brighton – Match Report

Round 5 – Fast flying Blues finish short
The Blues dropped their 3rd home match for the season despite a fast finish against an impressive Old Brighton on Saturday.
In our other games, the young Blues Two’s impressed in a 10 goal win (Jack Wood kicking 6), the Thirds worked hard but were well beaten against a talented Blacks side and the Unders continued their strong form to run away from top 4 side Williamstown CMYS.

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
University Blues 3.1-19 7.4-46 9.9-63 14.18-102
Old Brighton 4.8-32 10.9-69 14.13-97 15.14-104

Goal Kickers: T. Harper 5, D. Batarilo 4, T. Geappen 2, T. Quinn 2, A. Cordy
Best Players: T. Harper, K. Harper, D. Batarilo, J. Taylor, T. Batarilo, C. Williams
After an impressive performance against De La last week, expectations were high that the Blues could get 2 wins in a row against Old Brighton. On a perfect day at the Main, the large crowd coming out of the pre match luncheon greeted the players; however they witnessed an Old Brighton team that started the better. OB have not lost for a reason and multiple turnovers in the back half and middle by the Blues were punished. To be fair, the deficit could have been more at the first break with scoring shots 4 to 12.
The 2018 season has seen the Blues get moving from behind a few times and it would have to be again this week. Despite the good work from 2 of the 3 Batarilo triplets, Old Brighton went further ahead through hard running and slick ball movement. In for his first game of the season, Swoop Geappen hit the scoreboard however the midfield battles were being won by the Red and Blues.
The Third term saw the Blues outscored again as the momentum was hard to gain and keep. Jez Taylor continued to “lead from the front at the back” and the Harper brothers got the ball moving our way, with Tim impressive again in front of goals. However, at this level a team needs even contributions across the board and a 34 point deficit met the team as they made their way to the huddle
In the last term, the switch flicked, Old Brighton seemed to tire and the Blues were away. Goals to Dan Batarilo (or was it Tom?), Quinn and Tim Harper put the Blues in striking distance. The Blues were at their best despite kicking more points than goals for the term, the Blues kicked the last four goals with Old Brighton under immense pressure.
In a desperate finish, Quinn dragged a shot wide however Ayce Cordy marked an errant clearing kick outside the 50m mark and the siren sounded.  Ayce went back with purpose, laid into it and TOUCHED on the line.
The Blues almost pulled off a great win with 14 scoring shots to 2 in the last term but the loss means the room of error in the season gets smaller. Next week it’s the winless but ultra-competitive Old Scotch and the Blues will need to be up for at Camberwell. It doesn’t get easier in this competition.

University Blues 4.3-27 7.8-50 9.10-64 13.15-93
Old Brighton 0.2-2 0.2-2 1.4-10 3.5-23

Goal Kickers: J. Wood 6, B. Barton 2, T. Carr 2, A. Jones, H. Vickers-Willis, K. Mahon
Best Players: S. Carr, S. Hodge, W. Loone, J. Wood, T. Carr, B. Barton

University Blues 0.1-1 2.1-13 3.1-19 6.2-38
University Blacks 7.4-46 11.4-70 17.12-114 20.17-137

Goal Kickers: S. Allen 3, T. Brotchie 2, B. Denduang
Best Players: J. Hinkley, S. Allen, N. Buttolph, H. Atkins, L. Garrick, T. Brotchie

University Blues 5.4-34 8.5-53 11.7-73 15.8-98
WIlliamstown CYMS 1.5-11 7.8-50 11.9-75 13.10-88

Goal Kickers: T. Baker 4, J. Noonan 3, S. Allen 3, L. Holden 2, J. Halloran, N. Ziemkiewicz, W. Stephenson
Best Players: N. Lanyon, S. Watson, N. Ziemkiewicz, T. Scotland, T. Williams, S. McCarney

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