Round 3 vs. OM's – Match Report

Round 2 – Blues run over in tight one on the Main
The Blues teams looked like they were all getting their seasons off to a belated start with some great results earlier in the day. The Unders got things moving then hung on to record a Derby victory over the Blacks to go 2-1, the Thirds led from start to finish and the new looked Blues Two’s found some form against the previously undefeated OM’s (well done Vander’s on your first win as coach). Unfortunately, things changed for the Seniors at about 4.40pm.

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
University Blues 5.1-31 8.4-52 10.9-69 11.12-78
Old Melburnians 5.1-31 8.2-50 8.2-50 13.5-83

Goal Kickers: T. Quinn 4, R. Young 3, D. Batarilo, K. Harper, M. James, C. Williams
Best Players: R. Eade, C. Lappin, T. Quinn, M. James, J. Taylor, R. Young
Perfect conditions greeted both sides at the Main as Blues and OM’s both looked to get their first win of the year. Fair to say that the football was “free flowing” throughout the term with plenty of attacking intent from both sides. Mistakes were punished and midterm the Blues were 3 goals down however a string of goals levelled the scores at the break.
The game was somewhat tighter in the 2nd term however the quality of the play didn’t diminish. Ryan Eade continued his strong early season form as both sides went goal for goal. A left foot pearler from #TQ5 and a long set shot for K. Harper were clear highlights. Good judges seemed to think the Blues were gaining momentum at the back end of the quarter, however the scoreboard was still tight.
Kicking with a slight breeze to the Newman end, the Blues came out hard in the 3rd. Consistent defensive pressure from James, Quinn and Co. bought the first goal which was eventually followed by a classic long-range effort from Young. The Blues seemed to have the game for the taking, keeping OM’s scoreless however a quarter of 2.5 didn’t seem to reflect the level of dominance with opportunities not being taken.
The opening minutes of the final term drove that home as OM’s goaled twice and took the game on. The defence was under consistent pressure with the cool Taylor and dashing Lappin repelling many attacks. A right foot snap from Young seemed to give the Blues some space however OM’s answered and drew within a straight kick with a few minutes to go.
The Blues had their chances to break away again, but a poster, a missed set shot and some key turnovers kept giving the ball back to the OM’s. Eventually a free kick was given inside the Blues defensive 50 and the shot was coolly taken. The OM’s rightfully celebrated a rare win at the Main and the Blues were left with nothing to show other than an 0-3 record.
Things don’t get easier with a trip to Waverley Park next Saturday next week to meet an equally desperate De La. Should be a cracking match.

University Blues 6.1-37 6.5-41 7.6-48 9.8-62
Old Melburnians 1.4-10 1.6-12 2.10-22 4.11-35

Goal Kickers: J. Mugavin 2, P. Gardiner 2, D. Barton 2, W. Loone, S. Hodge, B. Barton
Best Players: M. Blair, S. Hodge, T. Carr, M. Hart, H. Evans

University Blues 5.1-31 5.6-36 9.9-63 13.15-93
Collegians 1.2-8 2.4-16 2.4-16 5.6-36

Goal Kickers: T. Auld 3, M. Mayne 2, C. Hitchen 2, B. Denduang 2, J. Daniel 2, J. Pearce, S. Sherlock
Best Players: M. Mayne, S. Sherlock, L. Nunn, T. Girdwood, B. Denduang

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
University Blues 2.3-15 6.7-43 9.10-64 11.13-79
University Blacks 1.5-11 4.6-30 7.8-50 11.10-76

Goal Kickers: W. Stow 2, T. Scotland 2, S. Allen 2, L. Holden 2, N. Ziemkiewicz, L. Chalmers, S. Wylie
Best Players: T. Williams, W. Foster, T. Scotland, E. Johnstone, W. MacInnes, J. Humphrey

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