Unders vs St Bernards

St Bernard’s   9 – 10 – 64   defeated  Uni Blues 8 – 11 – 59


Goal Kickers: T. Gleeson 2, A. Davies 2, A. Lord 2, O. Rojo, F. Jacoby
Best Players: H. Clatworthy, G. LaCava, N. Evans, A. Lord, T. O”Brien, W. Mcculloch
Goal Kickers: L. Edmonds 2, G. Loukomitis 2, N. Foley 2, A. Hug 2, R. Scuteri
Best Players: L. Vitelli, A. Hug, T. Lowrie, L. Edmonds, T. Basile, R. Tormey
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