Blues Best 20 over the Past 50 years

All clubs have their great players and trying to select the best of the best over 50 years is a thankless task… although in these times, its a fantastic distraction.
Do you rate players on games played, best and fairest awards, competition awards, representation… the criteria can go on and on.
A few have put on their thinking caps and come up with what they say is the best of the best… and the list will generate discussion for some time to come.
Check out who’s number 1 in the Leader Press and see if you agree with the “panel of experts”…
If you cant get to Leader Press, Blues TOP 20 are:
1. Mike Yeo
2. Ross Young
3. Ayce Cordy
4. Jack Watts
5. Mark Paterson
6. Barry Church
7. Simon Trumble
8. Richie Vandenburg
9. Andrew Lowcock
10. Mark Tyquin
11. Steve Dobbie
12. Pete Summers
13. Mike Sleeman
14. Bernie Angel
15. Matt Torney
16. Joe Sturrock
17. John Kanis
18. Chris Brown
19. Quinton Gleeson
20. Gill McLachlan

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