Player Subs and Sponsorships

  • 02nd April 2017
  • Posted by David_Phefley

A football club of our size requires a considerable amount of cash to keep our four teams on the field every week.

The money to fund footballs, medical gear and other supporting items is enormous.

A recent comparison showed that Uni Blues are among the lowest fees within the VAFA

The player subs are now due and the table below outlines the normal and early bird rates for the 2017 season.

“Early Bird” Payment
(Pre Round 2 – 22 April 2017)

Normal Payment

Employed Senior Player

$ 380

$ 420

Uni Student Senior Player

$ 230

$ 270

Eligible Under 19 Player

$ 130

$ 160

Player Sponsorship

$ 500

Subs can be paid by cash or card to Deputy Duck and the Subs Team at training or you can pay through the Online Store within the Blues website.


Player sponsorships cover the cost of the player membership and also include some club merchandise for the sponsor. Also gets recognised within the Pavvy on gameday.

Please make this a priority over the next week.