University Blues vs. Old Xaverians

  • 17th January 2017
  • Posted by Uni Blues
Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
University Blues 3.2-20 7.5-47 12.11-83 15.16-106
Old Xaverians 2.4-16 3.5-23 4.7-31 4.8-32


Goal Kickers: D. Batarilo 3, K. Harper 3, T. Geappen 3, T. Quinn 2, M. James, P. Hayes, J. Mugavin
Best Players: R. Eade, G. Cameron, A. McCorkell, P. Summers, C. Lappin, W. Cuningham


Goal Kickers: B. Kennedy, M. Handley, T. Johnston, T. Gilbert
Best Players: T. Williams, C. Lane, C. Margin, J. Skene, C. Johnston, T. Johnston


Two losses in a row and a big rival stepping onto our ground. There was no way the Seniors were letting lightning strike a third time. The game started with early pressure from the away side before a couple of behinds turned into a goal. The Blues found their feet which saw a goal from the returning Tom Quinn, what a star! Harper chipped in with a brace before a controversial mark was paid to Xavs who converted soon after. It was a slow end to a fast quarter with the Blues in front by 4 points.

The Blues were all about possession footy. The passes were sticking and the handballs were crisp. It was a truly different side to last week. Swoop got in on the act with a major before Xavs kicked straight to be within 1 goal. Batarilo soon followed with a goal before Quinny struck again to give the Blues a nice 3 goal cushion. The third placed side had no reply to the Blues, even big Paddy Hayes kicked a goal. The major break saw the Blues up by 24.

The third quarter saw the home side go from strength to strength. Harps with a major from 50, Jamie Mugavin doing it easy, Lappin and McCorkell having a field day and Dale Hinkley snaps to put the Blues 38 up. This was by far the best footy game the Blues have played this season with every single man playing for each other on that field. The backline was a rock, the midfield was all class and the front line were clinical. Marc James and Swooper finished off a quarter that saw the Blues climb to a 52 point lead.

Highlight of the final term was definitely Swoops one-on-one single handed mark. He finished the game with 3 majors along with Batarilo and the league’s top goal scorer Kieran Harper. The Blues saw out the final quarter fairly easy with no major injuries suffered before the final siren sounded. It was a much happier dressing room with all the lads drinking up a huge victory. Next game vs. Trinity will be no push over as the battle for fourth is hotly contested by five sides.