University Blues vs Old Carey

  • 03rd April 2017
  • Posted by Uni Blues
Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Old Carey Grammarians 3.2-20 7.3-45 10.9-69 15.14-104
University Blues 3.1-19 8.2-50 8.6-54 9.7-61


Goal Kickers: T. Harris 3, W. Brusnahan 2, J. Athanasopoulos 2, M. Knox 2, H. Prendergast, L. Ellis, W. Nichols, J. Leith, J. Aujard, T. Jones


Goal Kickers: L. Maiden 3, E. Johnstone 2, M. Pitteri 2, L. Di Martino, T. Williams
Best Players: C. Crozier, S. Sherlock, L. Maiden, J. Jones, L. Di Martino, T. Williams


The Under 19’s have only been together for a short amount of time in training and for the pre-season games. Unfortunately they went down on the day to their first round opponent, Old Carey. The Unders showed great courage going into to the first half with the lead but tired legs gave out in the end.