University Blues vs. Beaumaris

  • 17th January 2017
  • Posted by Uni Blues
Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
University Blues 6.1-37 9.3-57 15.4-94 17.7-109
Beaumaris 3.3-21 4.6-30 4.10-34 8.13-61


The Seniors have their first points on the board, recording a resounding 48 point victory over Beaumaris. Kieran Harper and Swoop were looking in form, with both teams trading points in the first 10 minutes. Stephen Milne was a menace on and off the ball however the Blues were able to shut down the Beaumaris danger man with ease. A fast start from both teams saw the score blow out to 6:1 – 37 to 3:3 – 21 in the Blues favour.

The second quarter saw some controversy before the centre bounce with a Beaumaris player sent off due to an interchange infringement. This disruption didn’t faze the Blues front line with Quinny, Rosco and Jez Mugavin doing the damage on the scoreboard. At the other end, Beaumaris managed only one goal for the entire quarter. Accurate kicking and smart handballs were the name of the game with the midfield battle finally starting to waver as the Blues hit their stride. The third term started much like the second as the St. Kevin’s away loss became a distant memory. Phef described Harps as a ‘Rolls Royce’ as he cut through the Beaumaris midfield like a hot knife through butter. It was a much deserved Best on Ground performance from Blues danger man who ended the game with 4 stellar goals. Swoop and Tom Quinn bagged 2 each for the third term to see the Blues jump to an unassailable 62 point lead heading into the last.

The Seniors took their foot of the gas which saw Beaumaris bag a few easy goals to start the final quarter. However, Quinny and Harps decided they wanted the glory of the match’s top goal scorer. In the end Beaumaris kicked 4 goals to our 2 to see out the final siren. Three top goal kickers in Swoop, Quinny and Harps shows that we have a few match winners within the Seniors ranks. The end result reflected not only the effort but also the group’s mental strength. To bounce back from a tough Round 1 loss is no easy feat and should be applauded. The inform Blues sit nicely in mid table and look to take on a Uni Blacks squad who recorded an away loss to Collegians.


Goal Kickers: T. Geappen 4, T. Quinn 4, K. Harper 4, R. Young 3, J. Mugavin 2
Best Players: K. Harper, C. Lappin, R. Young, T. Geappen, S. Kitchen, R. Langham


Goal Kickers: S. Milne 3, W. Edmonds, S. Gower, J. Ward, J. Di Natale, S. Gibbins
Best Players: R. Cathcart, D. Gabron-uhe, W. Gillespie, L. Hiscock, J. Di Natale, B. McLean

Next Game: Uni Blacks (8th) vs. Uni Blues (5th), 2:00 p.m., Melbourne University Oval