St Kevins OB vs. University Blues

  • 17th January 2017
  • Posted by Uni Blues
Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
St Kevins 6.4-40 10.9-69 13.11-89 15.13-103
University Blues 3.2-20 5.8-38 7.10-52 8.13-61


Goal Kickers: N. Wood 3, L. Sullivan 3, M. Brown, A. Lynch, B. Kanakis, J. Schulz, J. Holden, B. Dowd, L. Andrews, S. Critchley, H. Parkes
Best Players: N. Wood, L. McKenzie, L. Sullivan, L. Andrews, A. Lynch, C. Matheson


Goal Kickers: K. Harper 3, T. Geappen 2, C. Hinkley, R. Young, T. Quinn
Best Players: C. Williams, K. Harper, R. Langham, T. Geappen, D. Hinkley, J. Taylor


With the Reserves putting on a show in the curtain raiser, the Seniors ran on the field to face a strong St Kevin’s outfit. It was a promising opening from the Blues, with a midfield battle being the focal point of the first few moments. The Seniors took a 1 point advantage at the nine minute mark which worried the St Kevin’s bench. In response, the home team took proceedings to the next gear with some crucial tackles and goals. The first quarter went on for nearly 40 minutes, with 26 boundary throw-ins halting the play. However on the siren, the Blues kicked a big goal that reduced the margin to an attainable 20 point margin going into the first break. The change of ends and the swirling winds around T.H. King did not help the Blues cause. Some promising signs from Cam Williams and Kieran Harper yet it was not enough to close the gap between the two sides.

The main break saw storm clouds come over the ground and the rain followed soon after that. Harper took a great mark in the middle of the pack and slotted home a gaol that saw the Blues see some hope for a result. The rain went from spitting to pouring in a matter of moments that severely hindered the quality of the match. It was a low scoring third term until the rain become heavy, which saw St. Kevin’s retain composure with the ball. The end of the third term went the way of St Kevin’s who had a lead of 37 going into the last.

Soon the rain was torrential with lightning and thunder bringing a sight of concern to the crowd. Bodies were beginning to fly with both teams landing big tackles in some of the worst weather for footy. Williams, Harper and Langham were the standouts. It was a low scoring quarter for both teams with the ball becoming hard to handle and distribute to full effect. Harper was equal best goal kicker on the day and no major injuries were the pluses with all results considered. Unfortunately, in poor conditions, the Blues went down by 42 in the first round of fixtures.