Premier Thirds vs Old Scotch

  • 07th April 2016
  • Posted by Uni Blues

It wasn’t pretty, but the Blues thirds held on for a gutsy three point win over Old Scotch to hold up their end of this weekend’s Blues clean sweep. In a scrappy contest, the Blues were unable to translate their weight of possession into scoreboard pressure, allowing the Cardinals to maintain a small lead throughout the first half.

Back in the Crawford Oval home rooms at the main break, coach Evans asked for a greater emphasis on team play and communication from his charges. The team didn’t disappoint, producing a strong third quarter performance to take a one goal lead into the last break. From then on the Blues showed some grit to hold off a fairly evenly matched Scotch outfit to eventually chalk up our first win of the year.

Jared Crawford made a more than handy return with a best on ground performance, and it was great to see fellow big men Sam Briggs, Lachy Garrick and ID Dhaliwal providing plenty of backup for Crawf. Through the middle of the ground Angus Adams, Hamish Seller and Ben Jongebloed continued their strong early season form, while up froward Liam Walder’s two goals were like gold on a day when majors were extremely hard to come by. Tim ‘The Janitor’ Hoskins cleaned up across the back line, grabbing everything that came his way and sending the Blues back into attack in a powerful display.

So while it was far from a perfect performance, the gritty will no doubt provide confidence for the developing side, hopefully heralding plenty more wins as the season unfolds.


Goal Kickers: L. Walder 2, N. Buttolph, B. Jongebloed
Best Players: J. Crawford, T. Hosking, A. Adams, H. Seller, L. McCoy, B. Jongebloed


Goal Kickers: F. Macfarlane, N. Reddish, J. Nikolovski, J. Voltscos
Best Players: C. Docker, C. Melville, J. Nikolovski, S. Sansom, T. Melville, S. Neil
Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
University Blues 2.1-13 2.6-18 4.8-32 4.11-35
Old Scotch 2.4-16 3.7-25 3.8-26 4.8-32