Premier Thirds vs Old Scotch

  • 07th April 2016
  • Posted by Uni Blues

Another disappointing result for the threes saw us come up 6 goals short of a Scotch outfit we beat earlier in the season – our only win to date. The two sides were fairly evenly matched, and the team was left to rue a woeful first quarter in which we gave up a 30 point head start.

With tackles and repeat efforts having been a trademark of our game in recent weeks, those elements were clearly lacking from the outset, allowing the Cardinals to dominate the clearances and also catch us napping on the switch. The damage done in the early stages could have been worse if not for Sam Briggs’ standout game at full back. Under siege for long periods of the match, Briggsy fought hard against his sizeable opponent.

The second and third quarters saw a much improved effort from the boys, with Tyson Deane, Hamish Seller and Will May providing some much needed grunt through the middle of the ground. Up forward, Bernie Chomley crashed packs in his typically brave – and reckless – style. Harry Sullivan put in another great game, with coach Evans’ decision to move him into the ruck proving a masterstroke. At three quarter time the blues looked poised to continue the fight back and challenge for the match, but a stiff breeze, plenty of rain and some tired legs on our part proved too much to overcome.

Special mention must go to Al Evans who managed to get himself fit for his first match in 22 months. Al managed a half before being cleaned up by some friendly fire – poor bloke can’t catch a break! But it was great to have Al out there and hopefully we’ll see him move up the grades as he gets some more game time in over the coming weeks.


Goal Kickers: W. Simson, L. Walder, H. Seller, A. Adams
Best Players: S. Briggs, T. Deane, H. Sullivan, H. Seller, B. Chomley, W. May


Goal Kickers: B. Morley 4, J. Stavris 3, N. Myhal, J. Daggian, N. Bennison
Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Old Scotch 5.3-33 6.6-42 7.7-49 10.9-69
University Blues 0.2-2 1.3-9 4.4-28 4.5-29