Become a Blues Member

  • 28th May 2015
  • Posted by Uni Blues

The Uni Blues offer a number of Sponsorship & Membership packages that allow you to take your passion for the Blues a step further.

Player Sponsorships are where individuals (or companies /businesses) can sponsor their favorite player for their subs and the individual receives some additional benefits. All player sponsors will also be identified and acknowledged in the Pavvy on Match Days.

In addition, the Club offers a number a Membership Packages ranging from the base Blue Blood’s to the Blues 25 (including dinner in a Corporate AFL event with 24 of your closest Blues). Details of all packages are located below.

Payment can be made via cash / EFTPos / Credit card on match day or through the on line store located in the Uni Bles Team App (Credit Card or Pay Pal). Contact David Phefley or Chris Reid either in person on match day or via the website for further details.

sponsoship Uni-Blues-Membership-eMailer-2015